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Collaboration with:

"Program Selangkah ke Menara Gading" is a collaboration effort of Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia with selected institutions of higher learning in providing opportunities to pursue tertiary education as well as providing assistance to underprivileged students and unable to pursue their studies at public universities. The selected students through this initial aid are eligible to receive the following assistance:


Registration fee is reduced/exempted

Free accommodation / transport

Monthly allowance is provided

Free intensive English classes

* The type of assistance is subjected to the specified terms and conditions, depending on the HEI and selected courses.

Initial assistance is provided to students to accommodate the needs of students before receiving a PTPTN loan or other education funding. This assistance will be discontinued when a student loan is approved and this assistance is not to be refunded to the Malaysian Education Foundation, subject to the prescribed conditions.

This opportunity is open to all Malaysian citizens who wish to pursue their studies through Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia with the following qualifications:

  • NEVER accept any IPTA / IPTS offer within Malaysia / overseas
  • PT3, SPM and diploma leavers
  • BSHR receiver/ household income below RM 5,000

*Applicants may contact us at 03-8893 1116 or whatsapp 0111-1461663 / 0111-1465663 for further inquiries or information.

Skill Courses SKM/DKM

Diploma Courses

Degree Courses

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