About us


MALAYSIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION (Registration No : PPAB-33/2013) is a foundation established and registered with the Legal Affairs Division of Prime Minister’s Department under the Trustee (Incorporation) Act 1952 (Act 258).

The establishment of the Foundation focuses on 3 objectives:

  1. Assist the welfare of asnaf and B40 students throughout Malaysia in the form of financial or protection schemes
  2. Provide financial assistance or goods as a preparatory study
  3. Provide financial assistance in upgrading education and learning aid infrastructure


The foundation focuses on the following goals:

  • To extend aid to students with good academic achievements from lower income brackets and other disadvantages to further continue their education.
  • To establish synergy among the government, private sectors, higher education institutes and non-governmental agencies to strengthen and compliment the education system.
  • The education transformation plan implemented by the government is a guide to the development of our social and economic capital by applying an important element of technology-based education system and English-language emphasis.
  • To produce industry demand driven students on both local and international levels as well as propagating quality graduates with high employability opportunities.



  • To continue to improve and further the modules and delivery system towards a more effective and comprehensive course outline.
  • To deliver service excellence to our demographics in a professional and accountable manner.
  • To be sincere, accurate and trustworthy in the management of funds.
  • To consistently add value towards students, investors and all stakeholders.

Becoming a trusted institute and recognised authority in developing the potential of local youths towards continuous advancement, enrichment and nobility for themselves, their families and future generations.

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