Donation & Sponsorship
Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia has been approved in accordance with subsection 44 (6), where all cash donations to Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia are eligible for tax relief in calculating the total income to its donors and all income received by Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia is exempt from income tax in accordance with Paragraph 13 Table 6, ITA 1967 by the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (Reference IRB No. 01/35/42/51 / 179-6.8313)



– A minimum contribution of RM1,000.00 is eligible for tax exemption; (* Minimum contribution amount is from 7% of annual aggregate income)


– A minimum sponsorship of RM3,000.00 is eligible for
tax exemption; (* Minimum contribution amount is from 10% of annual aggregate income)

– Minimum sponsorship of RM50,000.00 for the invitation of the sponsor during the relevant program;

– Minimum sponsorship of RM100,000.00 for the printing of the sponsor’s organization logo;


1. Income tax exemption for cash contributions or sponsorships only under subsection 44 (6) of the Income Tax Act 1967;

2. 3% – 7% of the total contribution will be given training slots and free courses conducted by YPM to the staff of the sponsoring company;

3. The sponsor will be a VIP invitation during the Opening Ceremony of the related program;

4. Organization logos on backdrops, bunting, souvenirs, goodies, and souvenir books of programs – programs related to YPM related;

5. Sponsors will be given a special site for exhibitions or related matters;
Distribution of brochures/brochures of corporate information during the program;

6. Media – Participation in press releases, newspapers, and even online (‘online’);

7. The organization will be deployed as the official sponsor of a program; and
Plaques and certificates of appreciation;

How to make a donation?
Cash or Check
Each check contribution can be entered in the name of Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia. For cash contribution, go to step 2.
YPM Bank Account
For cash contribution please transfer to CIMB BANK - 8601882149 under the name of Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia
Get The Receipt
Please submit proof of payment to [email protected] to get your receipt and tax exemption details.