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Yayasan Pendidikan Malaysia also provides training programs to students or employees. The training program is in the form of fundraising where fees for seminars will be used to assist YPM-sponsored students to continue their studies at a higher level. This program is specially designed for students or employees and covers aspects of leadership, communication, personality, stress management and self-motivation.

YPM also provides training with NLP certification from recognized bodies. Our training programs focuses on the realities of global markets, contemporary technologies and techniques that employees must master to survive and succeed in today's global economy.


  • This training program is an opportunity for company/department management to change the employee’s mindset to be more positive, productive and full with integrity in order to produce adamant and flexible workers towards changes.
  • To improve the skills and knowledge of workers in certain areas.
  • To customize workers with new systems, procedures and working procedures as a result of technological advances that cause change.
  • Helps old and new employees adapt to the needs of a new job in the organization.
  • There are new workers.


Students will be more exposed to motivational and industrial training programs.

  • Students will be helped to excel in their studies
  • Exposure to the real reality of the workplace and the preparation for change.

The Malaysian Education Foundation's training program is recognized by PSMB (Human Resource Development)

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