Solidworks 3D Essentials

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows

Suitable for: Those needing first time knowledge of Solidworks

Course Description: Examples of why 3D drawings are needed will be in Construction, Mechanical and Electrical where overlapping of piping, ducting and building structure can cause a lot of unforeseeable problems when seen in 2D. In Mechanical or product design drawings the viewer can look at the object at many different perspectives to come up a workable design, rather than make many mistakes and taking a much longer time to develop a working product. In many organizations, lack of 3D knowledge hampers the organization, as sometimes minor changes or edits to a drawing can take days to complete, as you have to wait for the drafting department or people skilled with AutoCAD to come back with the changes. It will help the participant be more productive at the workplace, and workflows can turn around much faster.

Course Duration: 2 days

Target Audience: These who need 3D at work, and need Solidworks in particular – Draughtsman, Assistant Engineers and Engineers in the field of Mechanical, Civil, Road, Transport, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Industrial, Chemical and Petroleum. Product Engineers. Architects and Interior Designers who wish to go on to 3D to enhance their skills.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able draw, edit, modify, add to previously drawn 3D drawings, and create completely new 3D drawings from zero.

Methodology: 70% practical hands-on sessions and 30% theory. Students will have mastered with confidence subject matter, to be able to independently pursue subject matter by the end of class.